WELCOME to Eastern Veneto

The area to the East of Venice is one of the wonders of Italy that still remain largely unexplored by the general public. Lying inland from the famous Veneto beaches, it can offer visitors breathtaking experiences thanks to its unique qualities. The attractions include the historical heritage and relics left by the Roman Empire and the Republic of Venice, lake and lagoon environments, and local traditions associated with food, wine, big events and more besides.

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No one else offers organized tour experiences in inland Eastern Veneto that combine such spectacular culture, landscapes, food and wine.


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We offer you the chance to get a fresh perspective on a spellbinding area with age-old traditions during boat trips on the river, bike rides and guided tours.


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We represent a network of exceptional local players that can put together a fully tailored selection of tourist services to suit the specific needs of our guests.

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The inland areas of Eastern Veneto boast a breathtaking blend of nature, history, traditions, food and wine. You are guaranteed a warm welcome from the locals and the range of activities on offer is hugely varied.