: 66.84 km²
: 10,365
: Concordia stockfish, Herring
: Fair of Santo Stefano
: Cathedral of Santo Stefano Protomartire

About Concordia Sagittaria

The Lemene River flows through the charming town of Concordia Sagittaria, which is right next to Portogruaro. It was once an important Roman settlement named Iulia Concordia. It was founded as a Roman colony and the word “Sagittaria” refers to the fact that there was an arrow factory here in ancient times (“sagittae” is Latin for “arrows”). Over the centuries, Concordia gained great significance. It became a strategic part of the territorial defence system and troops sent from Rome were quartered here to defend the more exposed Aquileia. Countless archaeological finds can now be seen in the area, so this beautiful town on the Lemene River is one of the main cultural attractions in the area inland from Venice. Its architectural wonders include the Cathedral of Santo Stefano with its frescoed baptistery. The cathedral that we can see today is the latest in a succession of constructions. The first was built in the late 4th century and consecrated in 389 by Saint Chromatius. It was destroyed by the invading Huns in 452. The next cathedral to be built was flooded by the Lemene River in the mid-6th century. More cathedrals were built in the 11th and 14th centuries. The cathedral that is standing today dates back to 1466. Other places of interest in Concordia Sagittaria include the baptistery next to the cathedral, the bishop’s palace and the remains of the Roman bridge from the 2nd to 3rd century.