: 28.4 km²
: 2,564
: Stewed mantis shrimp
: Septemberfest
: Bibione Lighthouse

About Bibione

Bibione is the number one beach in Veneto (and number two in the whole of Italy) in terms of the number of visitors and the quality of its tourist services. The secret to its success lies in three words: family, environment and sport. Its wide range of facilities and entertainment to suit all ages make it the perfect place for having fun with family and friends. Another distinguishing feature of Bibione beach is its environmentally friendly approach, for which it has won a number of awards over the years. It has also been given accolades for the area of the beach especially for dogs. Sport is a big part of life in Bibione. Throughout the summer, there are tournaments of all kinds to spice up the normal holiday routine. They include tennis, basketball, marbles and skating competitions, as well as international beach volleyball and fitness events. There are numerous “Beach Villages” all along the coast, from Lido dei Pini to the spa centre. They are great places for tourists to exercise and have fun directly on the beach. They also cater to the needs of parents who take their children to the beach: they can take it easy and work on their tans while their children play in special clubs, away from the scorching sun. In addition, during the summer Bibione promotes products from the local area by organizing themed food and wine days that bring outstanding companies from across the Triveneto area to the coast.