: 114.39 km²
: 11,930
: Risotto with white asparagus and PDO Montasio cheese
: Asparagus Festival
: Villa Ivancich

About San Michele

The first record of the name “San Michele” is in a document dated 1214. This important municipality is the second biggest in size in the Portogruaro area after Caorle. It is on the border with Friuli Venezia Giulia and it is separated from the nearby town of Latisana by the Tagliamento River. Before 1420, it was run by a number of families, including the Counts of Gorizia. Subsequently, it fell under the jurisdiction of noble Venetian families. In 1867, it was given its current name: “San Michele al Tagliamento”. In more recent times, the town has witnessed the tragic events of two world wars. San Michele is next to the Tagliamento River, which is both an important watercourse and a strategic defensive line. Consequently, during the Second World War it was razed to the ground. In 1945, the town was awarded a “Gold Medal of Civil Merit” for “Showing dignity and courage as it tenaciously embarked on the moral and material reconstruction of the town after peace was declared”. Within the municipality, there is important environmental and historical heritage to be found in San Giorgio al Tagliamento (which most people believe to be the ancient Roman village of Apicilia) and Bibione. Finally, Villa Ivancich is an exceptionally beautiful location with a fascinating history. It was built in 1500 and over the years its halls have welcomed countless illustrious guests, including the American Noble Prize winner Ernest Hemingway.