: 25.94 km²
: 3,951
: Veal tongue in red wine
: Living nativity scene
: San Vitale Parish Church

About Annone Veneto

The Municipality of Annone Veneto has a population of approximately 4,000. It is near a crossroads between two state roads and it is surrounded by vineyards. The town is on the edge of the Venice area, near the border with the Provinces of Treviso and Pordenone. Its name comes from the term “ad nonum lapidem”, which is Latin and is a reference to its location “at the ninth milestone” on the old Via Postumia. The Annone area was once criss-crossed by a number of watercourses from resurgences. It also had large expanses of woodland, which were destroyed during the First World War. After the era of big land drainage schemes, the area developed the typical agricultural characteristics that can still be seen today. It is no surprise that Annone is famous first and foremost for its wine: there are no fewer than 800 hectares of vineyards and – like neighbouring San Stino – it is a member of the national “Wine Towns” association and part of both the Lison Pramaggiore DOC Wine Route and the association of the same name. As well as stopping off in the wineries along the Wine Route, tourists can admire the artistic marvels of the local area, the most exquisite of which is the 15th century church of San Vitale, which was rebuilt in the 18th century and then renovated in 1946. All that remains of the original structure is the 16th century bell tower, which is thought to have been built on top of a previous military camp tower. The walls of the huge square-shaped construction are broken up by exceptional embrasures and double lancet windows on the four walls near the top. An octagonal cusp topped by a pinnacle was added during renovation work in 1763.