: 17.49 km²
: 2,811
: Wetlands eel
: Sagra della Rassa (Duck Festival)
: Stalis watermills

About Gruaro

Gruaro is in the North-East of the province of Venice, on the border with Friuli. The surrounding landscape is largely flat with a large number of watercourses running through it and the municipality is the second smallest in the Portogruaro area after Teglio Veneto. The origins of Gruaro’s name lie in the Celtic word “Gruarius”, which means “guardian of the woods”. Numerous traces of its fascinating past dating back almost 20 centuries can be seen in its vast historical, artistic and cultural heritage. One place that is unquestionably worth visiting is the church of San Giusto. It dates back to the 15th century, but there is actually evidence that there was a church on the site as early as 1183. One of the two frescos on the façade shows the patron Saint Justus with the church and its bell tower to the side and Gruaro Castle with its battlements in the background. There are some exquisite 15th and 17th century frescos inside the church. Gruaro’s territory spans approximately 17 km² and contains a wealth of greenery, water, little roads and trails, as well as large areas of great environmental interest. The wildlife and landscape in these sites still have the distinctive, original features that have always made them particularly pleasant. For example, in the Stalis area you can find the Ippolito Nievo literary park, the Sesto Benedictine Abbey, the old Church of San Pietro, watermills and the Venchieredo spring. The beautiful environmental, historical and artistic sights and the numerous recreational and cultural initiatives that are promoted throughout the year make it a very attractive and interesting place for tourists to visit.